Personal Hosting

Choose the best service for you with lots of features at your disposal!
  • House Hosting

    Rp100 IDR + Rp50 IDR Setup Fee One Time
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    • Many individuals want their own names to be as their domain names, and host their domain name with a few pages and posts.
  • Village Hosting

    Rp150 IDR + Rp100 IDR Setup Fee One Time
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    • Kami dedikasikan paket ini bagi keluarga, bangunan sosial terkecil dalam hidup manusia untuk mendaftarkan nama keluarga dan meng-host nama domain mereka karena kami berikan harga khusus.
  • Personal

    • 1. Free domain registration

      2. 50 MB Capacity

      3. Register Offline at minimarket or
      Online Store @

      4. Limited to 245 registrations only.

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